Plumbers Union Qld Eba Agreement

The new Plumbing and Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund is designed for plumbers and sprinklers like you and gives you your own requirements. It is powered by Incolink, Australia`s oldest and largest claim fund. Marsh, the world`s leading insurance broker and risk consultant, has now ordered exclusively from the CEPU of Australia NSW Branch to offer group income insurance to health craft employees under the new EBA agreement. For more information, take a look at the Plumbing – Pipe Trades Title Fund or visit its website at Get Personal Accident Insurance at 1300766104 or visit the website. For more information, please contact the plumbers team directly at 1300766104 or Mpib.australia (at) As you can view the long list of benefits on this page, remember that each of these benefits had to be obtained. They were insured for Australians who worked by union members who were united. A national fund that will form the basis of an initiative by construction unions, their members and employers to create a silos of payments for workers` redundancy rights, as provided for by the various industrial bonuses and enterprise agreements by the payment of monthly weekly contributions to the Fund. 2020-2023 Wage rates and location allowances for plumbers and HLK members. Sprinkler fitters for the period 2020-2021 are listed in the following PDF documents. Since then, PICAC has evolved and now offers courses that support the entire lifecycle of the sanitation, pre-education and Plumbing-Fitting certification courses in a series of IV and post-trade certification courses, as well as safety and OHS courses in the construction industry. As a result of this development and expansion, PICAC has become the first “Centre of Excellence” in training for the sector. Please note that these are quick reference documents.

If there is a discrepancy between PDF documents and the EBA, the EBA is the most important. Employers should ensure that the EBA sets the correct rates of pay and the right pay. If members or employers have any questions, please contact us. The PTEU also provides the following information about your EBA. Previously, you were taxed 32% on all receivables on a starting account. You now have the option of an exemption if you are made redundant. For EBA rates of pay, click on the link below for a summary: As a financial member of the UTP, you will find a wide range of services and services that come from your EBA. If you would like accurate salary information, you can contact the office by phone on 07 3844 8433 or contact your organiser at S.M 07 3844 8433. It is easy to take our rights and benefits for granted. The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) is a unique organization run by the industry. PICAC is a partnership supported by the Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union (PPTEU), Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA), Master Plumbers Association of Queensland (MPAQ), National Fire Industry Association of Australia (NFIA) and the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA).

PICAC was founded in 2009 at the height of Australia`s millennium drought.

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