Category: Print design

Machiavelli Almanak

The Amsterdam based students society Machiavelli celebrates its 50-year anniversary in 2014. One of the traditional associating items for such an event is a lengthy almanac. Together with Joost Lina, I had a blast creating this 214-page book.


Wildhitz has been one of my most diverse projects of last year, involving web, print and logo design, but also some serious HTML, CSS and PHP. Instead of focussing on requesting music you like (i.e. Spotify, Rdio) Wildhitz provides you full HD video-clips. Wildhitz is located in the very centre of Amsterdam and managed by Hans Perukel….
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BDU Special

One of the joys of being a designer is seeing your psychical product. And although more and more magazines are moving to digital screens, the BDU Special is released each 6 months on a beautiful tabloid paper. The Barneveldse Drukkerij & Uitgeverij (BDU) is an independent newspaper and printing company that serves hundreds of thousand…
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